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Front Office Procedures - FAQs

The following procedures are in place in order for the front office staff to serve all 1500 students and families to the best of their ability.  Before bombarding our front office staff with calls, please reference this FAQ list to address your concern:

Early dismissal - If your child is leaving early for an appointment or other reason, they must be picked up before 2:30pm, no exceptions. Please send a note in with your student, with pick-up time and reason, that morning. The student will bring the note to the front office upon arrival on campus.  The student will receive a pass to show to their teacher, so they can be waiting for you outside the front office at their designated pick-up time. Students must be signed out by the authorized adult picking them up in the front office prior to  leaving campus.
Late arrival - Child will sign in in front office and receive a tardy badge.  In order to be counted as present for the day, your child needs to be in school for 210 minutes (about 2.25 blocks).  If the total time present in school is less than 210 minutes, he or she will be marked as an unexcused absence for the day.     
Change to normal transportation - If your child is a car-rider when he or she usually takes the bus, or vice versa, either 1) send a signed note with your child to school that day to be placed on the car rider/bus rider list, or 2) call the front office BEFORE 2:30.
Excused absence notes - In order for an absence to be changed to an excused absence in Powerschool, there are two options to better serve you: 1) Fill out the absence form on our website here, or 2) child will bring note to Mrs. Anthony in the front office and place in designated folder.  This is the child’s responsibility, not to the homeroom teacher.
Educational Leave - If you are planning a trip and know your child will be out for more than 3 days, please send a detailed note with your child at least two weeks prior to departure.  He or she will then follow the same excused absence note procedure above.
Visitors - As you are well aware, safety is our primary focus.  All visitors must sign-in in the front office with an ID of some variety (school, driver’s, etc).  You may not enter the school if you do not have a valid ID on you.
Blue cards - Along the lines of safety first, it is imperative that the blue cards are correct with the most updated phone numbers and contacts of who is permitted to sign out your child.      
Outside lunch policy - Lunches are not permitted to be dropped off or delivered to the front office.  If you would like to have lunch with your child, please sign in in the front office, take to cafeteria, enjoy lunch with your child.  
Uniform policy - Please see below.
Phones - Phones are not permitted in the classroom and are to be left at home or in lockers. Phones will be confiscated if this rule is not followed. Phones are then locked in the front office until a parent or guardian picks it up and signs for it.  See Student Handbook below (page 11).
Meetings - All meetings with administrators or teachers are scheduled through the grade level counselor.  We understand that your needs may be urgent, but to maintain focus on our students, we are not available for drop-in, unannounced meetings.   Please contact your grade level counselor below: