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1:1 Chromebook Information

Southwest Middle School is a 1:1 technology school; therefore, all students will be issued a new district-owned G6 HP Chromebook laptop to use in class AND at home for the sole purpose of completing school-related assignments on October 29, 2019.  Approval for the new policies were sent to parents via ParentSquare on October 15th and again on October 22nd. These devices are inexpensive, lightweight, and provide students access to the internet, their Google accounts and other web-based applications, including district resources and testing apps. All students are expected to bring their FULLY CHARGED school-issued Chromebook to each class every day. Please note that only CMS issued Chromebooks can be used to complete in-school assignments and assessments. Internet access is provided free on any CMS campus or at any Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. 

Student Expectations:
While using the devices, always remember the following:

  • Bring your device to school every day fully charged.
  • Keep your device with you at all times. 
  • Touch only the device that is assigned to you; remember, you are responsible for any damage. 
  • Use the device for school-related activities only. 
  • Treat devices with care; never carry open or pick up by the screen. 
  • Avoid eating or drinking near the device. 
  • Immediately report any damage, theft, or other issues (see Damaged Chromebook Policy).
  • Return your school-provided device and charging cord at the end of the school year or prior to withdrawing from Southwest

ON CAMPUS LOGIN: Only a CMS issued Google account can be used to access the Chromebook.

Student Username:

Student Password: student choice

OFF CAMPUS LOGIN: Login as above to get into the device.  Once logged in, students will be required to sign in to the CMS web filtering system called Zscaler when using the device off-campus.  This is for the protection of the student.  

Student Username: (DO NOT INCLUDE “STUDENT”)

Student Password: yyyymmdd of birthday 



Additional Information:

  • Violations of student expectations could lead to a student losing his or her privilege
  • Financial obligations will be issued for damaged or lost devices (see Damaged Chromebook Policy). 
  • The district will periodically and without warning monitor the historic activity on the student’s device; nothing should be considered private
  • Printing from your school-issued device is not supported
  • Tech support will be provided for Chromebooks from 7:30-8:00 AM and 2:45-3:00 PM daily